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Some people at my school are so ridiculous

I guess you will find this most places, but I don’t like it and it is happening here and now so I’m making a Tumblr post about it.

Among the student body of my school, there has been developed the concept of a higher class of people- namely student leaders. They have been deemed the “Golden 200.” I go to a mid-sized LAC, so this is a fairly small group of people compared to the 5,000ish undergrads. This group is comprised of RAs, people in Student Activities, Orientation Advisors/Coordinators, and those in student government. Of course, it does not necessarily comprise of all people in each category- just the most active ones, and certainly any who are involved in more than one of these (which most leaders are).

While I agree that there is a small community that is very active on our campus, denoting them as “golden” creates a very distinct class difference that is beyond unnecessary. In a more minor way, it disrespects everyone on campus who is a leader in their everyday lives (i.e. every single person here), but may not be involved in the “right” activities.

I have known about this concept for quite some time, and it has bothered me since I heard about it. But yesterday, I was exposed to an even more limiting concept: that of the “Platinum 25.”

I wanted to vomit when I heard this term, but given some sadly ironic circumstances, enough of that had already happened that night.

The “Platinum 25” (I will never not put it in quotes, and thereby it shall always remain a term without grounding in assertion) is made up of the most prominent, most tenured members of the “Golden 200.” SEAC President, third-year RAs, SGSU (student government) President and probably some of the VPs.

I’m not saying that any of the people currently in these positions know about this terminology nor that they subscribe to it if they do. In fact, I know many of the people who would be in this class and they do not/would not subscribe, for certain.

And while these people are very important in shaping our campus community, they do not deserve with their title of power a title of extra importance.

Thinking yourself above the world when in possession of any sort of power is not leadership, but foolish desperation to mask insecurities of self-worth.

I suppose there are a lot of people who see life as a simple, yet never ending hierarchy, and that is quite sad. They will never fully be able to see who among the “average” is a work of art in stone, in iron, or in earth.

  1. nearly-a-decade-of-addison said: This is actually part of the reason why I transferred out of SU in the first place. It didn’t seem right to me that you had to be involved in the “right” activities in order to feel included at that school. Thanks for making this post about it :)
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    YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SO CORRECT. Thank you for posting this. Leadership is so often undermined by how people approach it.
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